There's a lot of love out there for enamelware, and it's understandable why.

When I think of enamelware I can't help be transported to a field, surrounded by long dewy grass, waking up under canvas to the sound of a kettle whistling and smell of breakie cooking on a stove. Enamelware will always stir sensory memories that I find completely and utterly intoxicating. 

At Lulubells we help create experiences and memories via glamping hire and through the objects we support in the shop. That's why we have added enamel goods to our collection this summer, in two colour-ways, and I could not be more excited to bring this to you for Easter, and beyond! 

The addition of enamel camping and picnic ware feels like a natural fit for us. We love it, and here's why. 

Enamel mugs on a picnic blanket with a wicker picnic basket

1) Lightweight and Durable.

This means it's easy to transport outdoors be that in a basket or rucksack. If dropped or bashed around it may chip but will still work perfectly fine, and I'd go as far to say the chips add to the charm.

2) Nostalgic.

I have so many good sensory memories connected to this material. As a child we had a mix of enamel goods that would travel with us, and every time the stackable, colourful pile was out of the cupboard, I knew an adventure was waiting, be that a camping trip, a picnic in the woods or a day at the beach. I can easily transport myself back to those days holding a piece of enamelware in my hands.  

3) Create your own collection. 

Let's be honest, enamel looks good - a stylish and practical companion to your trip. I love to mix vintage and new, and have collected enamel pieces over the years. If you prefer a cleaner, minimalistic look stick with one colour or pattern for your collection. Most importantly have fun with it! 

enamel teapot and mugs in cream and red, next to a wicker picnic basket

4) Kids can play with it.

It's shatterproof, which means it's perfect for small hands and folk to play with. Not only does our enamelware travel with us on camping trips but it's also frequently used around the home for an impromptu teddy bear picnic or outside in the garden when friends are visiting. 

5) Long lasting lifespan.

This hardwearing material gains its eco credentials and gets the sustainability thumbs up because of its longevity. It's made to last and shatterproof. This means we do not have to replace goods frequently. A sentiment that we value here at Lulubells. 

6) Can handle the heat.

Can be placed directly over a flame and tolerate high heat. Our coffee pot is suitable for all hob types making it a great companion for mini-adventures or if you like getting your morning coffee hit outdoors. 

I've shared some of the objects from our collection below, the colour pallet chosen is reminiscent of vintage camping and holidays, and I hope these objects travel with you on many adventures and shape some of your memories.

Thanks so much for taking a look.